February 10th, 2014

These days, I feel like many people have given up on sentimental, handmade gifts.

For many holidays, I receive gift cards. Not that I don’t appreciate being given gift cards to craft stores and fabric stores allowing me to buy what I need for the many projects I have going on, but it just seems so impersonal! What happened to the days when friends and family really took the time to find a gift they knew you would enjoy? The thought, the effort, the time taken to think about that person and what they would find to be a special gift…not just running to the corner store to grab a greeting card and a gift card right before meeting up to give the gift!

Whether you are a first time crafter, or one who has been around the block a few times, I truly believe a quilt is a beautiful gift to give! Choosing fabrics that correspond to the personality of the friend you are making it for, taking the time to think about that person as you cut and sew blocks together with love… it is a true gift that anyone, male or female, young or old, can enjoy for days and years to come. And each time they cover themselves up with the warm gift, they will think of you and all the efforts you made to create the special blanket for them!

Today, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite patterns to use in creating very simple quilts. These quilts are great ones for a beginner or intermediate sewer! With Valentines so close, these are a quick project to whip up for that special someone! When gifting, be sure to really think about the person – do they like bold colors? Floral patterns? Did you take a trip together that memories can be found in fabric patterns (i.e. A trip to Paris together would make for a great opportunity to use Eiffel Tower fabric, or iron on Photo Transfer fabrics!)? How about a collection of old tee shirts?

This quilt is created by using a simple technique of cutting multiple blocks into different sizes and switching out the fabrics to piece the squares back together. Does that even make sense? Visit the tutorial link for MUCH better directions than my description ;) . This would make for an adorable baby shower gift!

I absolutely love the look of vintage sheets in these quilts above. If mom or grandma has a great selection of old bedsheets, this would make a charming gift for her birthday or Mothers Day! If I could track down my brothers old Ninja Turtle and Spiderman sheets, it would make for a very different quilt… not so “charming”, but right up his alley for a fun, humorous, usable gift!

I am curious how many people out there still gift sentimental things? How many of you opt for the last minute gift card?

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