December 19th, 2015

I was just on the Pottery Barn Kids website (I just love all the adorable baby items they have!) and found the most adorable Baby Shower idea!

A new mom needs a wide range of items to make it through a day with her new child. There are so many necessities – from blankets and burp cloths to pajamas and bath toys. As a shower guest, you might have a registry to work with, but often times those are not personal and don’t cover items like shampoo, diaper cream and other forgotten items. So when I head to a shower with a gift basket, I often toss in a couple bottles of baby lotion or a package of diapers. But the problem is…so does everyone else!!

Instead of ending the shower with 27 bottles of No Tears shampoo that the mother-to-be will NEVER USE, why not make the shower have a little creativity?


When designing shower invitations, suggest the guests get creative and give them each a “Time” to work with. Bath Time, Nap Time, Story Time, etc. Not only will the guests have fun preparing their special gift, but the new mom will end up with way more usable items in the end! You can even have a door prize for the most creative, the most colorful, and so on!

If the new parents have specific hobbies, like scrap booking, tennis or hiking add those in as fun categories if you are expecting a lot of guests to show and run out of traditional ideas. The parents would love to have some tiny hiking boots or a supply of baby scrap booking stickers and paper! The shower will be a lot more personal this way!

For ideas on what to put in baskets, be sure to visit Pottery Barn Kids for a great list of suggested items!

I just love this idea!

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