December 20th, 2015

Maybe it is because I love to cook, but I feel like gifts for the kitchen lover are some of the easiest to buy!

Chefs, bakers, foodies…you name it – if you love the kitchen, chances are you love gadgets and kitchen things. Dish towel, oven mitts, personalized aprons, dough cutters – these are items you just can’t have enough of! I have a set of dish towels for many holidays, from Christmas to St. Patty’s Day. And because each holiday season lasts a month or so (I pull out my Stars and Stripes towels in June for the 4th to start that festive, summer feeling!), I wouldn’t be bummed to have more when the others are in the wash!


You just can’t go wrong when it comes to kitchen gifts. Spatulas, whisks and spoons make for fun wrapping ideas, like the adorable oven mitt shown above. The gift can be personalized in so many ways – monogrammed for a new bride or groom who enjoys cooking, masculine for the dude who likes to grill, pink for a little girl who just got her first play kitchen set or you could even make kitchen utensils fan out to look like a turkey as a hostess gift on Thanksgiving!

Those who love the art of cooking love items that help them to create beautiful foods. While we may or may not spend money on fancy casserole dishes and dessert plates, we love to receive them as a gift! Personally, I would never shell out the cash to buy beautiful pie plates… but (hint, hint family and friends!) I would just die and go to heaven if I received this gorgeous ruffled ceramic pie dish below! And gifters, keep in mind that giving a great kitchen gift always calls for a great meal coming your way in the near future ;)


Keep in mind, even if your kitchen-loving friends and family SEEM to already have one of every kind of dish and gadget, there is always something available to keep them smiling in the kitchen. Check out the amazing artwork from TreehouseIllustrator on Etsy. This shop has turned a simple wooden spoon into a magical piece of kitchen equipment that deserves to be hung on the wall! Get designs of celebrities, as shown below, or other options like mustaches or Harry Potter characters. If you love the idea, but don’t see it at the shop – you can request a custom order be made just for you!


The artwork on these spoons is so incredible! Be sure to check out TreehouseIllustrator to purchase.

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